1000X Zoom USB Digital Microscope

This microscope lets you experience the thrill and discovery of a whole new microscopic world.

Allows you to see even the smallest of details, in high resolution, directly on your computer screen.

Details like skin pores, individual strands of cotton or even the fine scratches on a collectible coin that would be impossible to detect with the naked eye, etc.

Applied to jewelry, coin, stamp, electronics, skin & hair, print industrial inspection, laboratory research, medical analysis, biological inspection and other inspection.
Magnify objects up to 1000 times of their original size and uses a dynamic image sensor and 8 super bright white LED lights for creating detailed images like you've never seen before.


  • USB digital microscope is a good quality to use in Inspecting dissection or examination.
  • Plant dissection examination, skin examination, scale examination, textile inspection, 
  • It is very easy to use that you simply connect it to a computer through the USB port, 
  • the image is projected onto your computer screen by using software that comes with the microscope, 
  • rather than looking through an eyepiece.
  • Height: 135mm
  • Microscope Diameter: 33mm
  • Wire Length: 137mm
  • Magnification: 40X—1000X
  • Maximum Physical Pixel: 640X480
  • Maximum Video Pixels: 640X480
  • Infrared Illuminator: 8 x Led Bulbs
  • Support System: for WindowsXP,for Win7,for Win8,for macOS,for Vista



  • 1x USB Microscope
  • 1x Support
  • 1x CD with drivers
  • 1x Calibration Rule

Due to high demand on this one of a kind item, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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